Venture roadshow why failed Please set 6 reasons

Venture roadshow why failed Please set 6 reasons

Abstract: each project has him some of the highlights, but unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurial projects in the roadshow, made by predecessors are the most common mistakes, here are 6 reasons why business roadshow failed, welcome to ~


1, old model

entrepreneurs is wrong, the starting point is the Red Sea, but the focus is on the market roadshow in what proportion of people with their own projects, there will be the amount of income, so the market does not have any relationship with yourself.

, for example, entrepreneurs said: according to 1 million users, each person to contribute to the platform for $100 per week, then I am a week of stock, flow of 1 hundred million. Then the platform in the 1 hundred million extracted from the fund as the 10%, then we can control the fund is 10 million.

entrepreneurs so analysis of the logic itself is right, but you know why everyone is going to contribute 100 yuan for your platform it?

2, do not understand research

some entrepreneurs, only a few dozen people before doing the project. Demand research does not necessarily require a large number of samples, but if there is not enough samples, it must have enough research dimensions. He so few samples, it was used to do statistical comparative analysis, the proportion of people who do what. From the problems found in the qualitative and requirements of the conclusions, and then a large number of users to quantitative certification, otherwise, such research, will be able to come up with a huge impact on the user error direction.

3, the target user positioning is not clear

, an entrepreneur who wanted to do a Internet plus image of entrepreneurial projects, the project is built on the pain point photography works copyright.

this business model for small and medium enterprises, the purchase platform in the picture above, is to explore, like panorama, canopy, your photo is cheaper than others, better, better user experience, they may have the opportunity. However, if it is hoped that the future users want to respect the copyright of the photographer, so the purchase of the above picture, this model is a problem.

4, dream big, but the first step can not fall

a DIY clothing design project, the old model, do a lot of people. The initial cut of the product is underwear, also talked about the follow-up will launch a variety of personalized customized clothing products. When it comes to the competitive advantage, the possible things are described as an inevitable thing, as the core advantage of speaking. Still do not understand? For example, such as designers, design ability will be their team of designers, and even become a partner, this is the core strengths, they mentioned the project, it is necessary to


5, relational resource based entrepreneurship

to do a real estate finance real estate congregation to raise the platform, want to destroy the intermediate links, restructuring and optimization, so that the public debt and product mix to raise, only from the sales and promotion to cut, but also referred to himself

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