The two venture out of the 10 pits in fact you died of suicide

The two venture out of the 10 pits in fact you died of suicide


two is not easy to start at the beginning, you have limited resources, lack of momentum, so you need to expand your output. Angel investors and consultants are often the most helpful group. It is also less expensive to expand the team’s way.

author Michael Katz is mParticle’s two entrepreneur, CEO. Through his own entrepreneurial experience, wrote the ten lessons, and to prove that venture companies often die of suicide, rather than homicide. Michael talk about start-up companies recruit, financing, outsourcing and so on. Entrepreneurship is the game of smart people, learning experience so as not to step into the same pit, is also a necessary skill for smart people. The significance of these pits, not just for start-up companies.

1, the success of the recursive

help you from A to B to the team, not necessarily can help you from B to C, the reason is easy to understand. But in the second venture, you must realize that in the first company to help you from B to C team, not necessarily help you in second companies from A to B. This means that when recruiting team members, we must pay attention to the current most urgent needs.

in the early days of the company, the team should focus on speed and execution, to have the ability to control the unknown and uncertainty. It would be a disaster to hire early members who need to be organized. On the other hand, it may also bring disaster to those who can not organize management in the later period.

2, compressive resistance is perhaps the most important recruitment requirements

In the beginning of the

startup Shihuo, it was not so Everything is going smoothly. Sometimes, there sometimes you trouble gathering in crowds and groups, rampage in the wrong idea, the customer may cancel the order, competitors may destroy the dark. Whatever the situation, you need not get flustered team standing behind. You need them to stand in the place with their fists and keep fighting.

for so long, the best I’ve ever heard of Paul Graham says: "startups don’t usually kill themselves, they often die of suicide. "

3, don’t ask "why not", first try "how to do"

and compression is the same, optimism and curiosity is also very important to the quality of early employees. Startups are thought to be a storm of thought, rapid iteration and evolution. Of course, not all ideas are good ideas, but most of the ideas should be discussed, and then bring solutions. In a start-up, not to be creative about bidiao an idea, like in a city is around duantoulu drive around like a wall.

4, do not sacrifice at the expense of corporate culture to recruit

we’ve made a few mistakes on the road to learn that. Position your values system at the very beginning

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