What are the problems in the management of children’s paradise How to solve

What are the problems in the management of children’s paradise How to solve

Since the birth of

children’s Park, after also has numerous parents and children’s approval, the market quickly ushered in rapid development, the number is rising, resulting in fierce competition in the industry at the same time, there are also a lot of problems in the process of operation. So, what are the problems in the management of children’s paradise? How to solve these problems?

1, with the big as a competitive weapon, blindly expand the area, and the lack of strong layout planning

is now more and more open children’s paradise, it is very important because the children’s park operators in addition to expanding the area, as if there is no other way to make their own competition from other children’s Park highlights. However, due to the lack of reasonable layout planning, too much waste, resulting in reduced efficiency. So close to a gamble, choose a large operating area, if the big image of the drag force of the passenger flow is greater than the decline in performance brought about by the loss of performance, that is, or is lost.

so the expansion of the operating area of children’s Park is a choice, but must be in the professional design company to help, a reasonable layout of the layout, give full play to the space, elevation, improve the efficiency of ping. Such expansion is the expansion of power, otherwise it is inflated.

2, the content is just playing silly play, lack of competitive differentiation

the current domestic children’s Park is basically a "silly play" children’s Park, one of the cultural and social embodiment is very small, and that the global industry of Disneyland "and" Casana "leading enterprises, the leading, is because of the cultural and social recreation in the introduction. However, the combination of culture, society and amusement is a very broad and deep subject, but we are pleased to see that the Chinese children’s entertainment company, in this regard, a bold and beneficial attempt. For example, the business model of happy ha ha and the idea of playing with pleasure, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

visible, and a child is widely known as the cultural image of children’s Park is connected with rival segment, quickly enhance the visibility of the very effective way, and more importantly, social and personality through deep cultural image bearing reflected, and let the children in the amusement process. Novel, happy, subtle feelings, such differences will become a paradise for children truly separated with competitors in the competition, so that competitors can not catch up, at the same time for children to bring customers the ultimate model perfect shopping experience. Hope has been aware of the connection with the cultural image of the local children’s entertainment business, in this regard to do more in-depth exploration, which will become the foundation of children’s entertainment business evergreen road.

3, member policy is just buy more concessions, lack of customer viscosity


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