Promising projects in rural areas

Promising projects in rural areas

rural is a good place to start a business, there are a lot of people have started to return home to start a business, but also in the vast rural areas, there are a lot of very good entrepreneurial projects, the following is recommended for everyone.

1, channel layout

Agricultural super docking: that is, farmers directly signed sales contracts and businesses, new mode of circulation by the farmers directly to the supermarket terminal direct supply of agricultural products. It is the essence of the modern way of circulation to the vast rural areas,   the small family of small production and the ever-changing market to build a market economy under the conditions of the integration of production and marketing chain. In foreign countries, agricultural super docking is widely used as a model of agricultural sales, the United States reached 80%,   Asia Pacific region reached more than 70%, but only about 15% in china.

2, agricultural mobile Internet

undeniable mobile Internet is the subversion of the traditional industry, whether it is the business model or marketing channels, traditional agriculture and modern agriculture will be remodeling. The biggest advantage of mobile Internet for agriculture is   fast, convenient and high coverage. Learn through the mobile Internet to achieve agricultural market and brand promotion of high efficiency is the priority among priorities, many organizations and institutions registered WeChat public own in WeChat, the new agriculture in this   surface is expected to have great development.

3, the joint between enterprises, mergers and acquisitions

This includes

4, farmers mutual funds

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