Sichuan won the title of national vegetable market

Sichuan won the title of national vegetable market

in the level of living standards constantly improve people’s lives, showing a fast pace, in a fast-paced era, when people eat a lot, get rid of self-sufficiency, buy fresh vegetables from the market. However, with the exposure of a series of problems, so that the majority of consumers in the purchase of agricultural products when the worry. Below we understand why Sichuan can win " national vegetable market " title?

recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "opinions on the Ministry of agriculture supporting the national vegetable market in Pengzhou construction" (agricultural city letter [2015] No. 10), clearly agreed to " and the people’s Government of Sichuan Province on Sichuan international agricultural products (000061, stock it) " to build a national vegetable market in Pengzhou trading center;. It is reported that, based on national vegetable market in Pengzhou Yurun Sichuan international agricultural products trade center construction, in accordance with the "modern agricultural logistics development plan" construction of Chengdu city in the western region of " " basket; livelihood projects, is the focus of the market, the national Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of commerce of modern circulation pilot project in Sichuan province key project.

" five centers " " Department of the province to build " cultivate national brand vegetable market

at present, vegetable market in Pengzhou perennial fruit and vegetable trading volume of 15 thousand tons / day, 500 km radius above the Sichuan Chongqing, southwest, northwest, North China and other places, to achieve the " mationwide buying and selling " great circulation pattern, annual turnover of more than 23 billion yuan, and has been with the price formation Center & quot; information dissemination center, trade center exhibition, science and technology exchange center, logistics center " five Central function.

national wholesale market is in accordance with the national Ministry of agriculture in 12th Five-Year " " planning and the "national origin of agricultural products market development program" requirements, the selection of characteristic agricultural products in the provinces and regions, to take the Ministry building " " model to support the construction of a number of key national wholesale market, sales representative development level Chinese agricultural products, including vegetable market in Pengzhou, Dongning black fungus market, Luochuan apple market etc.. At present, the market’s Yurun Group has become a national market in the country is very rare.

it is reported that, in accordance with the Ministry of the province to build a model, the Ministry of agriculture and the Sichuan provincial government signed an agreement to build together to support the construction of the market, services and supervision, local governments at all levels to implement the corresponding support. Among them, the Chengdu municipal government will be in accordance with " unified planning, use the same, the channel is not chaos, do their best, tests are bad, highlighting the characteristics of " the principle of helping Meng Yang market to solve the land use recommended encountered in the construction and development of

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