How to create the life of the first pot of gold

How to create the life of the first pot of gold

I am an Dongsheng, I am very pleased to talk with you about the topic of financial management. Before 2013, my credit card, P2P and other investment banking platform no interest, think only do business is the only way to create wealth.


remember in 2011, I came to Xi’an with 20 thousand yuan, rented a single room of 20 square meters to start a business, the establishment of the Dongsheng information. The establishment of the company at the time, I made a vow: "for 10 years, the Dongsheng information become a well-known brand of education; 30 years, make Dongsheng become the world’s great information company; eventually Dongsheng has become the information handed down the significance of cultural brand."

just started the business of time, met a friend Wang Peng, he worked in HUAWEI, wages about 10 thousand per month. However, he passed 5 years, so that the amount of credit cards reached about 1000000, only ICBC credit card that is a $500 thousand.

in 2011 -2012 2 years, my friend Wang Peng told me the next 10 times: "Dongsheng, you’d better apply for a few credit cards, in order to operate the enterprise in the process of standby."

but I’m not to regard it as right I think there are about one hundred thousand, the monthly income of the company, there is no need to apply for credit card covers. In 2012 the company achieved an annual turnover of about 5000000, profit of more than about 2000000, which makes me feel no need to apply for any credit card.

until 2013, due to the rapid expansion of the company, a loss of nearly 5 million, the arrears of wages, employee social security, supplier payments of nearly 2 million. Had laid off all employees, shareholders have to go our separate ways.

no shareholders, no employees, no office, the company is only a business license and the wages of employees, social security, supplier payments 2 million.

at that time, I stand in the street of Xi’an was lost; I am anxious, I thought of despair; jumping, also want to find a place to hide away.

but I think of the promise that I have just returned to Xi’an: the dream of a great company that I have yet to fulfill; I will change my destiny with the internet. How can I give up so easily.

because of the dream, because the responsibility, because the mission. I decided to raise money to pay off debt, from the new beginning. I use the name of the individual, looking for more than 10 friends, borrowed by 2 million, pay off the wages of employees, social security, suppliers of money.

, a friend of Wang Gang mentioned earlier, a person to help pay 1 million 800 thousand of the credit card. He was paid a monthly interest of 1%, plus Dongsheng information of the shares of 10%.

later, I began to wake up, began a systematic study of credit cards, financing, stocks and other investments. By the end of 2012, in 2013, 2 million of the company’s debt was still about $about 300000 spent on learning this knowledge. Then >

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