Bar location recommendations

Bar location recommendations

open a bar location problem how to solve? Many novice site selection problem is not very clear, I hope you can learn useful skills. Today Xiaobian finishing the relevant skills, I hope you can help the franchisee to do a good job in investment management, if you are interested in a look at it.

A bar,

If the choice of the location of

the lack of any kind of competition are worth considering, this site may be a potential of the great site, but it may also be the potential capacity of a very bad place size and appearance of the bar is large enough to accommodate enough space buildings, parking lot and other necessary facilities. The shape of the ground of the bar position is rectangular, square is good, round also can. Triangle or polygon unless it is very large, it is not enough, because of the high land use square. In the assessment of the size and appearance of the site, it should also take into account the possibility of future consumption.

1. should be avoided and other bar door-to-door business, this will adversely affect sales.

2. bar should try to choose a place where people focus, so you can maintain a certain degree of visibility and sales revenue.

3. bar location where possible, to choose from the commercial center, shopping center, cultural center, traffic destination, tourist attractions and other places near.

4. in the same region is not the same as the coexistence of several bars, sometimes a few bars together to recommend

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