How to translate wedding information into orders

How to translate wedding information into orders

almost any occasion of a wedding, if you can get such orders, naturally can let operators earn a pen. However, some shopkeepers, although the timely understanding of the information, but can not form an order, naturally there is no way to earn more profits. Meng Deliang, Shandong, Guanxian Zhuang Zhuang village before the village of retail customers recently visited the Guanxian County Bureau (Marketing) customer manager, Mr Fan Shufeng, for help, mr.. It turned out that since the second half, he has taken the initiative to capture the 5 wedding information, but also did not make a business, which makes him very disappointed, can not figure out where the problem lies. So, Meng Deliang to consult with Fan Shufeng, please he weapon.

by Fan Shufeng and Meng Deliang communication, to find out the sequence of events, to help him analyze the wedding information did not become main reasons: one is the order store supply insufficiency, less varieties, services did not keep up; two is not marketable goods store, consumers do not like the brand; three is the credit cards do not successfully play out. After finding the crux, Fan Shufeng for Meng Deliang out of the wedding information into the order of prescription".

prescription one: play one-stop service card. Many of the villagers away to the town or county supermarket to buy wedding supplies, mainly map back, basically in a place where we will be able to buy things, not around the purchase. Therefore, according to the local villagers wedding supplies habits, you can store all the wine and tobacco, candy, melon seeds, drinks, invitations and other sources of supply, to provide one-stop service for the wedding.

prescription two: provide marketable sources. Strengthen market research, touch the market demand, do what the market needs to order what, around the market demand. At the same time, according to the different needs of the market, and actively prepare high, medium and low three price of all kinds of wedding with smoke, so that consumers in the brand category and grade has a choice, as far as possible to meet the needs of different consumers.

prescription three: to build the integrity of the store. Marriage is a major event in life, consumers attach great importance to the quality of wedding supplies. Therefore, the development of the wedding market, first of all to ensure the quality of goods, to create a genuine good faith shop. To do this, we should pay attention to three aspects: one is determined not to sell fake and shoddy, near the shelf life and expired goods; the two is to adhere to the "price tag, fair trade, genuine goods at a fair price" business philosophy, in addition to the strict implementation of the Department of tobacco cigarette retail price, the remaining goods as far as possible to let consumers, and consumers benefit; the three is to pay attention to the integrity of publicity, through online and offline promotion way, let the villagers All the world knows.


is a collection of information to collect this information, however, if there is no order, in the collection of information on the human resources instead of a loss. If you want to convert all of this information into an order, naturally also need to do more work shopkeepers. So, with the introduction of the above, "

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