Learn flexibility will make the store business better

Learn flexibility will make the store business better

shop to do business, there are certain principles is very good, however, if you do not know how to work, these principles will become the business development of the bindings. In short, the small achievements of the event, the details of the perfect achievement! I appreciate David · Packard the true saying.

is one of my good classmates ran a very famous Baozipu, called the "Goubuli baozi pu". This old shop in more than and 10 years ago, the business is very prosperous, students led the staff to go out to travel every year, year-end awards are also very rich. He often asked me to go to the store to taste the buns, we sit together to eat dumplings, edge exchange business business strategy, he believes in me, the management of store or management confusion to me, asked me to give advice and suggestions.

Emerson said: if you really help others, they will certainly get help from others. This is the most beautiful reward.

for me, when others eat steamed bread, I can eat steamed buns, this is the happiest thing I feel.

went to the store to eat steamed buns a few days ago. At noon, the store people coming and going, business gratifying. After lunch, the store gradually deserted, I was still sitting in a corner of the window eating a cage steamed buns. I saw a shop out of a lot of staff did not sell all of the steamed stuffed bun filled with waste water in the trash, I was wondering, some distressed. These fresh steamed stuffed bun is abandoned, so waste, waste is the biggest shame!

I looked at those who were abandoned in the bucket of meat dumplings, steamed buns in the mouth is hard to swallow, the heart is not the taste, it is no wonder that students have recently heard that the business is not as good as in the past.

business is not good, the welfare of employees will be reduced, it is inevitable. I saw this scene quietly told him, he said: "these away buns are fresh, but that won’t sell to second days and then re cooked, stuffing without fresh taste, customers eat the taste is not the same, it will not come again." I agree with his honesty, not to lose the big and small gains!

also said: "every day the store not only lose a lot of steamed stuffed bun, as well as fresh spicy soup, porridge, etc.."

I said, "can’t you sell these stuffed buns and hot soup to the staff on duty? This is also a considerable benefits ah, the staff so hard every day, would rather throw away these buns, but also dare not account for their own."

a dream awakened people. From then on, the shop staff Goubuli work every day, the hand will be carrying a bag of steamed stuffed bun or spicy soup porridge, the face of fatigue was always full of laughter.

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