Ma Yun BAT continue to develop entrepreneurs will not lose the opportunity

Ma Yun BAT continue to develop entrepreneurs will not lose the opportunity

[Abstract] Ma said that today’s entrepreneurial environment, all the infrastructure of today’s venture, the entire financing situation is much better than fifteen years ago.



technology news (Sun Hongchao) October 14th news today, Ali cloud 2015 Yunxi Computing Conference conference held in Hangzhou at the meeting, Ali cloud and its partners released a series of new cloud computing technology. Alibaba chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the keynote speech at the conference.

in his speech, Ma talked about big data that he was at present and in the future more and more important role: data will become the largest production data, while the DT era will bring new opportunities for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses in the market data of the continuous development today, companies still need to have sense of urgency." At the same time Ma believes that the current environment, health, perhaps we are facing the Third World War: for the enterprise, the next year is not the time to change, but should take into account the development of 30 years later."

Ma Yun also said, BAT will still continue to develop, but entrepreneurs have the chance to win, because today’s entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial today all the infrastructure financing, the state is much better than fifteen years ago.

is the following Ma speech:

you all entrepreneurs, innovators, all dreamers, and ladies and gentlemen, good morning! A lot of people to thank, I remember the first time I attend Ali cloud Developer Conference six years ago, it was just a grassroots webmaster general assembly, four hundred people in Hangzhou overseas Sea Hotel, the day I see is a dream, the pursuit of the eyes, we feel that the Chinese cloud is not a chance, China entrepreneurs is not a chance.

But after the six

later today in the Zhejiang provincial government under the support of the Hangzhou municipal government, Xihu District’s efforts, we put this assembly upgrade into the "cloud habitat conference", every time I come to Yunqi Town, the heart of excitement, and a sense of panic, I was excited see here opened a real dream, opened fifteen years ago when we hope one day China entrepreneurial boom, China innovation boom, China creative boom can really start up. Panic is every time I listen to a lot of people to speak, to see a lot of ideas, I can hardly understand, more and more panic, I remember once on the way home to, fortunately I was twenty years ago now if entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, estimates do not know where you are and never with the young competition.

moved is that we find ourselves here, Ali people on the entire cloud habitat Town, cloud habitat conference enthusiasm, from here we find a lot of friends, find a lot of us that year.

yesterday, a foreign ambassador asked me a question, said that after the listing of Alibaba in New York, the dream has been completed, >

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