What problems need to pay attention to opening a pet shop

What problems need to pay attention to opening a pet shop

is now a lot of pet owners, so the pet industry business opportunities have been gradually excavated. If you want to open a pet shop, then what are the main preparations for the shop? If you’re not familiar with that, just look at it.



with location

elaborate decoration

"shop should pay attention to the internal and external decoration, decorative effect directly affect the pet shop is attractive, is inviting." Authoritative pet professionals said.

Management Assistant

open a 20 square meters of the pet shop, general manager, including two or three people can handle it. As the most basic requirements of the beauty shop clerk is to love animals, have a sense of responsibility, it is best to keep a pet. The work of dealing with animals generally requires practitioners to have the ability to communicate with animals. Pet dogs are very sensitive, they can feel very subtle changes in the beautician. If in the process of beauty, pet beauty recommend

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