Quality clinic action to better serve Anqing

Quality clinic action to better serve Anqing

in our life, an enterprise wants to gain a better development, in the development process will inevitably meet a variety of problems, but to solve and deal with the problem, directly determines the development process. Recently, the Anqing quality Clinic experts once again came to the local production of acetylene, on-site sampling of acetylene products. See the purity and sulfur, phosphorus content of all qualified, business executives at ease.

deepen the reform of the management of the tube must be combined with management, optimization services. 2014 onwards, the formation of Anqing quality clinic, the first to set up an expert group in the province to help enterprises improve product quality. The city will clinic moved to the production of enterprises, the site point to point diagnosis, targeted to prescribe quality prescription".

due to lack of personnel, technology and equipment, an acetylene production company has not been able to produce qualified and stable products. In the three quarter of last year, municipal supervision and spot checks, the company’s products sulfur, phosphorus content exceeded, the person in charge of the company is very anxious. Anqing quality clinic technical team took the initiative to come to the scene to help find the reasons for research and solutions. In accordance with the reform program, the company to change the purification method, increase the purification tower. The first review, product sulfur, phosphorus content, but the purity is not up to standard. Quality Clinic experts once again came to the enterprise, from the factory into the container, purification device to check the factory inspection times, and finally found the reason. Enterprise rapid rectification, the second review, the two key indicators are qualified.

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clinic action, Anqing to better serve enterprises, can further sound and rapid development of the economy of Anqing has made, a significant improvement in the living standards of the people, to give the city a new economic outlook. ‘quality clinic’ to open up to run, to play the ‘clinic’ talent advantage to help companies find solutions in a timely manner. This is the best service for the enterprise." Zhang Liming, director of Anqing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision.

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