Yijiang Wuhu District youth entrepreneurship Park

Yijiang Wuhu District youth entrepreneurship Park

is now all over the country are actively promoting some young entrepreneurs, at the same time, now young people can also get a series of subsidies in Anhui, Wuhu plans to set up the first batch of young entrepreneurial base, will also help youth entrepreneurship.

notification requirements, the first batch of Anhui youth entrepreneurship Park should strictly implement the measures for the administration of park management regulations and employment of funds, the full implementation of support policies and business services, accelerate the completion of new business service platform, and actively cultivate more young entrepreneurs, give full play to the development of the industry, to support entrepreneurship, promote employment. The relevant cities should strengthen the inspection and guidance of the construction and development of Anhui youth entrepreneurship Park, to help them continue to improve specialization, integration, networking, demonstration level, as an important carrier to promote the creation of a dream project. All localities should take the first batch of Anhui youth entrepreneurship Park as a demonstration, the full implementation of entrepreneurial JAC action plan to accelerate the formation of public entrepreneurship, innovation and new situation.

the majority of young people as the mainstay of the society in the future, to promote their business has now become an urgent affair in Wuhu, at the same time, the establishment of such a young entrepreneurial base in other places is not the case.


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