Change 2015 Shanxi nternet business is at that time

Change 2015 Shanxi nternet business is at that time

all the data and results are shown that the time of the golden age of Shanxi Internet business really coming!

in 2015 July because I account for the matters, returned to the long absence of the Shanxi Loess Plateau of Lvliang. Many people do not know, as early as seven or eight years ago I traveled on the Loess Plateau, many villages, through the opening of the Lvliang City local portal site, do a local life service business thing.

now we know that when I do the project to do O2O, of course, because of historical reasons and my ability to reason, can not do it. Come back this time, I ran a lot of discovery shocked the country after we many local village kiosks, convenience stores have not called the canteen, do not call into a convenience store, Le Village Amoy offline Service Center O2O. In the five line and six line seven line of the Loess Plateau, O2O should blossom everywhere, really surprised me.


later, simply rode around half of Shanxi, including Yangquan, Lvliang, Shanxi, Taiyuan, Shuozhou, more than three line and four line city to carry out a variety of high-tech yuan, Cloud Computing Center, business incubators, the scale of Beijing compared to Shenzhen first-tier cities are not to be. Although these innovative centers, including the previous mentioned O2O are still in the initial stage, some projects are naked hype gimmick. However, it is undeniable that the Internet environment in Shanxi is becoming better and better, Shanxi Internet entrepreneurial soil better and better.

let the data speak in the forefront of the domestic Internet based in Shanxi

of Shanxi province Internet Association released a report, Shanxi province Internet infrastructure construction achievement at the end of 2014, the province’s total length of cable line of 673 thousand kilometers, seventh national cable penetration level. Internet inter provincial export bandwidth of 3320G, the number of broadband access ports reached 9 million 970 thousand, the total number of mobile communication base stations reached 105 thousand, the national average level of popularity of the top eighth.

through the data we can see at a glance, the Internet based level in Shanxi has been ranked the forefront of the country, but the Internet related applications has not really landed, but all this as long as there is enough time, is not a big problem.

in fact, not only is the building of infrastructure more perfect, Shanxi Internet practitioners are at the forefront of the number, only in Beijing, Shanxi, there are nearly 200 thousand people engaged in Internet plus related industries work.

Shanxi gangster Shanxi to help boost local economic development Internet plus

Although Shanxi

trapped by the coal, the local industrial structure is single, but Shanxi has made remarkable achievements in the field of Internet plus, Robin Li of Yangquan has become the representative of technological innovation Chinese, and Terry Gou of Jincheng to create the world’s largest Internet plus production enterprises, 2015 A shares the most dazzling star stock Storm Shadow.

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