Why the nternet industry this year unicorn so much

Why the nternet industry this year unicorn so much


text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

this year, one of the industry’s most commonly referred to as the media industry is called a unicorn, the so-called unicorn is a $1 billion valuation of the Internet start-up companies, the concept comes from the United States Silicon Valley. In recent, every other time, there will be reports related to the outgoing, XX financing $100 million or $200 million, into the unicorn company camp. So, why is this year’s Unicorn company so much? What does it mean? East may wish to interpret it:

first, unicorn company in the past one or two years, the emergence of groups, first of all, means that this wave of mobile Internet venture tide has entered the end. In fact, from the beginning of 2011, after the birth of a number of outstanding domestic mobile Internet Co, after three or four years of rapid development, the user scale of billions of dollars, most of these mobile Internet Co is not listed, but at least after more than three rounds of financing, and can go to the Internet start-up companies C D wheel or wheel has survived. Down in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore are basically more, excellent company, and it is valued at more than 1 billion dollars compared to normal. For example, today’s headlines, beautiful, mogujie.com, etc.. There are some mobile Internet companies and even beyond the concept of Unicorn, valuation reached billions of dollars or even hundreds of billions of dollars. For example, new drops fast, Iqiyi etc.. It can be said that after four or five years of work, mobile Internet entrepreneurs have the harvest season, and now there are a lot of mobile Internet Co listed while waiting for the opportunity, and the mobile Internet companies have been in the planning or queuing landing three new board.

second, entrepreneurship becomes heavy, only a huge amount of financing to ensure the success rate of entrepreneurship. In this year, several companies joined the unicorn company are O2O companies is relatively heavy, for example, e bags wash, E-Drive, these firms have the line team, and large-scale promotion subsidies, which means how to have huge financing may not go too far but, it is only through the power of capital to fast to build competitive threshold, attack competitors anyway. This is the decision of the current industry environment, to meet people online at present part of life, the Internet giant has dominated the market, and the line on the line with the company’s business opportunities from the vertical service under the open. But when it comes to the next line, business becomes heavy, we need to do the mass through the burn, so in the field of O2O, valued at $1 billion and not what happens, and Xinmei drops fast have 20 billion dollars to go straight. The more severe vertical field, such as steel, B2B chemical B2B and other fields, but also need a lot of capital investment, so the financing of 1 to $200 million is not what strange things, is entering the homely food Unicorn camp. In addition, there are a number of smart home, intelligent hardware, etc., is also a relatively heavy entrepreneurial field, the same is >

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