Tencent 15 anniversary Ma Huateng pointed out that the future of the road 7

Tencent 15 anniversary Ma Huateng pointed out that the future of the road 7


November 10th, a day before the 15 anniversary of the Tencent, the Tencent held a WE conference in Shenzhen, the CF TED conference conference, to talk about business, not to talk about the competition, only talk about a powerful and unconstrained style idea ", after the media lamented the" far "from the TED Conference, but did not one of the company’s 15 anniversary celebration and the industry into the stereotypes of the founder zaoshenyundong, is also a kind of progress.

in the WE conference, Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng as the finale guest published a report entitled "to the Internet seven signs of the future": Connecting everything, Internet plus, open cooperation, consumer participation in decision-making, data resources, become the tide of courage, connecting all risks. This is called "horse seven" record was widely broadcast, but from the new perspective, Ma Huateng is just the current Internet revolution is summarized, but his speech revealed the fear of the future of the Internet (love) and a sense of crisis (afraid) makes people worried.

"fear": in the face of the future of the Internet, the enterprise is not sleep without any anxiety. A year and a half ago can not imagine why NOKIA fell so fast, 200 billion euros of the market value of the company finally sold only $about 7000000000. A little carelessness will fall, the giant fell temperature or warm. Nobody thought of that before Kodak will go bankrupt, BlackBerry will be reduced to sell it. When it comes to Tencent, said that although Ma Huateng got the mobile internet ticket, but not necessarily go to the end point.

: "love" in the Internet changes everything, from the tool into the mainstream economy, "Internet plus" innovation emergence. Combination of Internet and communication, Internet and electricity providers combined, Internet plus finance; the Internet from people connected, and gradually extended to connect people, people and equipment and service connection. Before the Internet is known as the new economy, in fact, the Internet has become the mainstream economy.

perhaps we widely spread this horse 7 reason is that, in the face of surging to the Internet changes, love and fear is that we have no choice.

following is Ma Huateng in the November 10th WE Conference on the speech record:

good afternoon, everyone! It will be hard to get through, but I feel like the whole afternoon, and I feel very excited. Here we see a lot of cutting-edge scientific ideas and new technologies, including an imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, I think I and my friends are shocked, so I’m waiting in the background when I do not want to lose even one piece.


forum and I have participated in many industry forum has a big difference, we rarely talk about business or some competition between companies and so on, this and I had a big difference in many forums, we are talking about a future on how to use technology to change human life, how to solve we may now.

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