Again Xiong Xiaoge passion intensive and meticulous farming 90 business projects

Again Xiong Xiaoge passion intensive and meticulous farming 90 business projects

founded IDG capital 23 years later, Xiong Xiaoge once again stand on a new starting point.

August, IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million scale 90 venture fund. Xiong Xiaoge look forward to find a Chinese entrepreneur after 90 Zuckerberg. On the second day of the celebration, Xiong Xiaoge sang a song "on the road", which makes the presence of 90 entrepreneurs sun Yuchen was very moved, he said: "I think a big brother can do."

the baby face, returnees background, tenor comparable professional venture capital heavyweights of the "financial" reporters to sing what song which mountain, 90 played, IDG should also follow this help the kids to start again.

IDG is still at its peak. Under the auspices of Xiong Xiaoge, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Ji Qi, Mo found in IDG business days. The first wave of the Internet wave, with more than and 30 Internet Co listed, they have hundreds of billion billionaires. Such achievements in China so far no one can compare.

but most of these stay in 2005. In recent years, Xiong Xiaoge has been quiet. Outside he is a safe, good planning of the people. Some of his investment projects are being withdrawn, during which also produced a number of star projects, SouFun and 91 wireless, but these deficiencies to support Xiong Xiaoge’s ambitions and aspirations. He has more than once said that the investment company will have a great pleasure.

soon, Xiong Xiaoge devoted to investment after the journey of the sun, he once again put on yourself, believe in "people always looed dare to gamble".

crazy gene

robust and crazy often intertwined in Xiong Xiaoge’s body, if you ignore these, you can not fully understand him. "He’s always interested in the next scene, even now, he’s still trying to move on." The people around him say.

Xiong Xiaoge was born in an ordinary family in Hunan Xiangtan, his father was a cadre of Xiangtan iron and steel plant, he was 15 years old my father into the factory as an electrician, this is his childhood wish.

1977, China to resume the college entrance examination, Xiong Xiaoge admitted to Hunan University english. At that time, the Middle East is in flames of war period, the Xinhua News Agency reporter sent back every day wonderful battlefield reports, so Xiong Xiaoge began to have a strong interest in being a reporter.

in order to realize this ideal, after graduation, Xiong Xiaoge did not want to teach school, but to Beijing when the English translation. After two times of grind, eventually to the national examination total score third score on the Chinese academy editing professional english.

in the Academy of Social Sciences, Xiong Xiaoge worked harder than ever. One of his academy classmates recalled, at that time, people have nervous and went to teach English, money fast, easy, but Xiong Xiaoge thought as a reporter, and love of art, and ran to Chinese daily write literature manuscript. This >

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