Taobao station promotion points you choose the right place

Taobao station promotion points you choose the right place

Hello everyone, today we talk about the promotion of new Taobao station outside the flow of access, click on the basic principles of the transaction.

station promotion is a easier said than done things, not because of what the post is difficult, but because Taobao about a commodity platform online shopping website, we as a seller, go to other sites (generally not is similar to Taobao’s trading network) publicity directly or indirectly for way of advertising. To other IP can enter the store, the best result is the conversion rate of direct purchase, certainly not to say, is to look at the way, anyway, no matter what, from increased traffic ranking based on this purpose it is easier, if the general website can add a link to the effect, as can be imagined, but if you want to, will your work most effectively to show up, or to have the skills, especially in today’s state of the industry competition is saturated, every corner of the Under the conditions of diligent can not make you reach the top, wisdom and creativity is king, we have heard a saying "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration", heard of it, but then I saw a revision, "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, and achieve a genius the point is more important than 1% inspiration 99% perspiration". I don’t know which genius changed. I almost made it a motto.

So what do

, skills and creative technique should be important, to get to the station today to get traffic and business skills.



: the seller from "seller" column background pictures, is a list of recommended sites under the category of goods all want to get traffic outside the station.

the picture I think for no money to do the train fee promotion of the seller is very good, it summarizes some, though not all, but we see this picture meaning, such as the store is on women’s clothing industry, listed 4 net, Lenovo and after searching through their own summary, can effective marketing network that more than 4? This forum is free, but depends on the specific and more detailed as if to charge subscription, the entrance in the background right column sellers published a column, interested sellers can see.



picture in the first section in this list, Zhang is a certain strength of the big sellers for advertising more accurate network, because of this experience plus much today speak is mainly aimed at the first small sellers, so don’t explain.

learned from the first picture on its own industry need to be promoted in what kind of network, I can start to combat, to women’s clothing industry as an example: the map is a list of fashion portal, fashion apparel, women living outside the network, pick a "fashion portal"

Baidu search: Fashion portal


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