Let your Google ad 90% is not a public service advertising method

Let your Google ad 90% is not a public service advertising method

put Google ads on a page,

the name of the page makes a meaningful English word. For example, the word.htm

then uses the framework to call

in the page to be advertised

F: after the ad has been launched, you can view the income at any time through an online report in your account. Please note that if any of the following contents of
contains your site, there may be unable to obtain the maximum income from AdSense:
* />* />* frame form and the dynamic content
* over image
/>* requirements

Q: the meaning of this passage is that if the use of robots.txt, Google may not be able to analyze the contents of the ads on the page, it is possible to place public service ads or advertising.

the same token, the use of the framework, the contents of the framework may not be able to analyze, so that it may be placed in public service advertising or advertising.

* * * * * * * * with dynamic content and too many images.

"may not be obtained from AdSense to the maximum income" is not according to the content of punishment, but is unable to analyze the content of

these mentioned in the help, these are also one of the reasons for the emergence of public service ads.

but Google only rely on the analysis of the content of the page to analyze what the ads?
google search can not quickly analyze the page content, Adsense can do?

no, Adsense analysis of Google take a shortcut, the first step is to look at the analysis process of
advertising page of the URL, if there are words,
the first time to respond to the word.

if no words will scan the page, then Google off-line analysis, when
if there has been no analysis (Analysis page, may have to wait some time) has been out of public service advertising:

Adsense is actually part of the application of the principle of search engine, so I guess so,
and it validates this.

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