How to improve the Taobao customer income and single conversion rate

How to improve the Taobao customer income and single conversion rate


as a guest Wangzhuan, welcome by many webmaster, the reason is because the threshold is very low, the strategic vision of Ma Yun is very sensitive, all Taobao customers has become reality, this strategic shift as Chairman Mao led the Reds to go to the Great Wall, historic, the KMT encirclement of the Red Army, the Red Army and so while the more powerful; Baidu screen Taobao, Taobao and so more brilliant, because Taobao has a level one hundred thousand Red Army: Taobao guest.

to ask Luoping to do the feelings of Taobao customers, I first thanks to Taobao, because Taobao let me learn how to shop online, but also learned how to use the site to bring more business to the store. I love quiet, because the more quiet, thinking more clearly, a lot of time during the day did not think of that night will shine out, so I was better at this time, today to talk about how to improve the Taobao customer income and a single conversion rate.

first, to ensure the safety of Taobao passenger PID.

Taobao Ali mother Alliance System Identification Commission winning unique identifier is Taobao PID, then you must ensure the security of individual Taobao PID below the guest can have income, otherwise it will be like a lot of people has been tampered with Taobao customers like PID, chagrin.

secondly, to ensure the effectiveness of commodity links.

With the replacement of

data, product data Ali mother Taobao back off is not stable, because the moment may lead to the replacement of goods link failure, if this time visitors to your website at your Taobao customers to promote the link, but could not find the goods, it will be a pity things, ranging from a few dollars, more than tens of hundreds of commission will be wasted, because you get people to, but even if they successfully bought other commodities, who can not guarantee you a commission.

third, Amoy to the high income, the choice of goods have the skills.

what kind of products sell well? What kind of products to promote? These are our first priority choice of product problems, such as: the heat of the product sales, praise, is the first condition to buyers a good impression, is behind the baby description as well as the customer service and sales skills. To promote the products also allows you to quickly is the key to revenue, such as commodity competition is small, relatively low commodity commissions, of course you finally optimized keywords competition is also small, small amount of search words, choose the website SEO ranking, will be relatively easy, eat small fish, in 10 this website, 100 yuan a day should not be difficult, so Taobao can rapidly improve customer income, if have the ability to do station group, a large number of cases, income is considerable.

finally, how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao guest out.

generally, the highest conversion rate of a single product, according to the type of single product to do keywords, if the keyword flow is good, but also to meet the theme of the commodity, the transaction is very natural. And how to improve the site’s row >

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