As long as the product can still do the guest

As long as the product can still do the guest

today is National Day third days of holiday, although said that many people are enjoying the holidays bring atmosphere, but he did not do what, but also a long time did not write the article, the A5 came to write an article, today in the group, I made my 8 single harvest today, this just want to play you, because only 2 dollars of income.

suddenly had to know my friend asked, are you still doing Taobao off? I heard these words, there are not very nice, I think.

yes, I’m still working on Taobao.

I’m weird, I just love being a Taobao. Why? It’s because I’m a Taobao customer. I just need to do my SEO. I don’t need to know more about other sales. Well, I have to have a direction.

now I can always give me a few hundred dollars a month Taobao customers, a good time to have thousands of. Not much. But in my small town, I have enough to eat and drink. Ha-ha。 It’s an extra income for me.

Taobao customers can not make money, if you have not done, then I can tell you, you can. But can you guarantee that your station is always in the first place. As long as you have been in the first place, then I guarantee your monthly income is stable. Maybe you say, always first, can’t do it. I want to tell you, I have a station, a number of key words in the top three. The station gives me more than 500 per month.

why am I so keen on Taobao, I ask myself. The reason is that I always find a lot of other people have not done in the field of Taobao. It makes me do it all the time. For example, I found the good God drag (maybe you haven’t heard, I tell you, that is MOP) no one did, I quickly stood in less than 20 days, Baidu included and ranking, the first month I income 100 yuan. Oh, not much, but I am very happy. Happily, your judgment is correct. Of course, this money in people’s eyes, I was sniff at the. Does not matter, happy is not good.

I also often see a lot of new entrants you ask, Taobao customers how to do ah. Our forum, such articles are rare. Because the man who makes money will not tell you what he is doing. Today I even break down regulation, do Taobao off Shidishimei to tell the next. Of course, if you are a master, please do not see, and do not spray me, I am very surprised that the current network environment is very like spray people.

first of all, if you want to be a Taobao guest, do it right away. Do not hesitate, hesitation will be dead, hesitant people do nothing. What? How to do? The first step, of course, is to find a product ah. Good question!

second, then we’ll find the product right away.

how to find? Do not want to get into Ali mother inside to find 50% commission. Because of that

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