Prince talk about Google AD optimization

Prince talk about Google AD optimization

on one of my posts, about 2 years of network life (earned 3W wrote me how I started doing my debut, station, some do stand experience, although I am still a rookie, but now I am the slow need to start early. flying higher, I hope this article. Many friends have seen someone in scold my website, but I’m here to say, although you do not love the works of others, if you don’t respect the views of others, then you shut up, please respect some people. As a webmaster should have at least moral,

I’m not a master, but I just help their perception of their own experience, and to share, here I want to thank " ", on the flying fish;; post he helped me with my QQ number removed, edit the post.

now ADO, the theme of the Post wrote: Google AD optimization. Now 90 per cent of the webmaster should be on GG income. I was 80 per cent of revenue. The website is gg. but many complain of low price. Click on the low, low income, but we think 5-6 years ago GG not so, 5-6 years ago, the price is not so GG, FF, pisca and so is recommended to download all the advertising, what is this? Some people say, GG afraid China webmaster, can say that GG is really afraid of Chinese webmaster, a photo of Edison Chan get too, then do the temptation friends can download cool earthshaking all powerful, but have disappeared, GG today more and more savvy, now I talk about my experience of GG optimization.

: first try to make up ads as the first advertisement. What is it? Is that we look at the source code in HTML. On the front of the GGAD code to the station as the most ads, because the first advertising is the highest, someone asked how to do to do large household div.

second: color problem, I think the more beautiful the color the better, the more consistent with the site, there are a lot of friends to see the ad is known as advertising.

third, format problems, and the 336 and the other 250 of these 3 formats I think is the most clicks, as well as remember to put the connection advertising. Advertising will bring you an unexpected income..

fourth, matching problem, this is the effect of price, as for how to do, I will tell you what is the best matching site, such as my website is famous, so of course users rely on search engines in their search, saying relevant content, if your GGAD is related to the famous advertising display advertising, so, you are pretty good, good, click on the high price of..

fifth, cheating. There are expert cheating, what div, frame…… but I advice please don’t cheat, for the blessing of the Chinese webmaster leave? How to do things, to the day of the.

GG ad per unit price

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