Online education company eats grass root make burst

Online education company eats grass root make burst

it is the founder of grass root, grass root, the user is also a teacher of grass root, 20 years old teacher has been signed, millions of annual salary.

Xing Shuai how can not forget the first day in YY lecture situation. Although only 10 students, but he is still shy, nervous, speaking in a thick Shandong accent, speaking class also faltered. "People do not understand, 10 students have 9 fathers eight generation to Aguirre, scolded again." Online students emotional expression is so direct, slightly impolite students will directly on the public screen shouting". Xing Shuai has been hit, but he was pleased that: the only one who did not swear to become partners.

the emaciated after 80 bald guy is Xing Shuai, he named his own network college. He started to teach in the QQ group by Photoshop software, then moved to YY education channel 7621, has opened a graphic design, web design, video post, 3D architecture, 3D animation, e-commerce and other 32 skill courses, breaking the cycle of online education does not make money. 2010 turnover of only 1 million yuan, in 2011 to achieve $30 million in 2012, directly across the $60 million this year, is expected to break through the 100 million mark.

Xing Shuai has been able to feel that this software training can be made, because students are increasing every day. YY and other training institutions are different: Xing Shuai on the first day of charges. Although the cost of training per person is only 10 yuan, but in the free Internet era, once the fee will be treated as a liar. So, Xing Shuai every day wondering how to enhance the ability to lecture, so that students believe in themselves. Constantly thinking about how to improve the retention rate of students in the course of lectures, guide users to pay.

that period of time, Xing Xing to get up at 8 every morning to start lecturing, YY channel only one student must adhere to. Generally speaking at 12 in the evening, often after class to prepare for lessons in the morning at about four or five, rest for 3 hours to continue classes. In this process, life is very tight, half the time every day eating 2 big cake, buy a bag of instant noodles are considered a luxury. A year down to do more than 30 thousand yuan training fees, planing to operate and labor costs, not to make money.

in fact, initially in the YY to do more than a Xing Xing training. Most Xiaodaxiaonao belonging to the non brand operation. Many organizations in order to win over customers free to share courses, team work ability in the absence of income state soon lost gradually YY. Perhaps it is a grassroots network Xing Shuai college brand in the rise of YY, let YY CEO Li Xueling aware of the lucrative online education. In June 2011, YY education was formally established, the education channel became independent of the third major brands of YY games and YY entertainment. After that, the Chinese figure, in public, the Chinese government, New Oriental online, Shanghai river network, sea words and other institutions have settled YY, look forward to from the field of online education a slice. The unknown is that the book has been on the Xing Xing tens of millions of dollars in cash flow. >

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