Sogou alliance take what to love you

Sogou alliance take what to love you

      and Sogou cooperation for a long time, look at my website now mostly other advertising, but Sogou advertising still occupies an important position, a position of the content page under the title. But today I looked at the background, can not help but think: Sogou, I take what to love you!
      and do not say Sogou advertising alliance business from Sohu to Sogou, I personally think is a mistake, but think that is of great benefit to improve Sogou, it can improve his ranking of the most homogeneous and let many webmaster remember Sogou name. And our website is the main value of money, and this is a very common thing. But now, a month can have 8-15 of remittances, I am depressed Sogou how so much money also to engage in remittances. I’ve been collecting it for two months. Can I bring afraid only so much, think about a month ago, there are 200-400, I still have a little, and now how so few?
        Sogou: a talk about the advertising content today is here, generous, because I saw this several days of advertising revenue was only 0.02, a look at the website advertising is mostly Sogou Sogou input method   image search, search dog products. All yes! It’s not good to get the code again. The launch of the Google and Yahoo is much richer. I do not know how the contents of the search now so little? Before most or sexual content now (but also engage in a filtering illegal advertising content, feeling… A normal website.. otherwise there are what men did not root what… Things), now those who are not, is advertising? Promotion push software you, you let me how to push open, Kaba, Jiangmin, rising, I know all the police, who would dare to use?
two or about their income, although the website is not too high, but also more specialized are engaged in education, advertising revenue of Google a day on average in the $2-3 Yahoo in the 6-12 yuan, while Sogou didn’t their change so much!
Sogou is not to think of a way. The 163 was not done, the search was not done, the next is Sogou


own original, I do not know if you can add a website of URL, but also to enhance the next station PR ha, address not point, pure education site, it is useless to you

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