Startups 50 list released this year venture capital companies concerned about technology

Startups 50 list released this year venture capital companies concerned about technology


Genband CEO Charlie Vogt, Genband is an Internet based telecommunications service providers, this year ranked in the top 50 list of start-ups (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Jingdong) September 28th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the "Wall Street journal", before the release of the US top 50 start-ups, unlike in the past 2 years on the list of enterprises that list shows the list of start-ups has decreased this year focus on consumers, enterprises pay more attention to this year technology.

ranked in the top three start-ups are the enterprise product manufacturers: Genband is a VoIP oriented Telecom supplier, Xirrus is a wireless networking equipment supplier Tabula, mainly for electronic products to provide semiconductor parts.

provides many other enterprises on the list of products and services are also in order to help enterprises to carry out more effective business, such as the twenty-sixth ranked Nimble Storage, ranked twentieth in the business analysis software vendor Marketo, ranked twenty-ninth in the cloud computing service providers Appirio and ranked thirty-seventh in the wireless networking company Aerohive Networks.

the list this year and last year’s list, there is an obvious difference: the enterprises on the list this year, not a start-up from the energy sector, it also shows that the energy sector this year is facing great challenges. At the same time, health care start-ups for the first time this year to make up the top of the list.

it is reported that the eligible list of startups must meet certain conditions, including the enterprise must be in the United States, in the past 3 years at least one round of financing, valuation should be no more than $1 billion and so on, the purpose of doing so is to focus on who is not too famous but broad prospects for the development of start-ups above. Because of these conditions, like Twitter, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb and Square, as has been very well-known start-up companies will not be selected into the list. According to statistics, in line with these conditions, a total of more than 5 thousand and 900 start-ups.

The key criteria for

‘s decision to start a new business include the success of the financing, the recent growth in the value of the company, and the company’s founders and board members. VentureWire, a market research firm, is responsible for compiling the list. The editors consider the company’s products, competition, and financial position in the assessment and evaluation of start-ups.

overall, this year’s new list of start-ups a total of 29, which fully reflects the characteristics of the technology development and development of the emerging industry changes. Last year’s top 50 list of start-ups in March 2011 after the release, a total of 6>

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