Wangzhuan Post Bar 2010 Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to the illegal financing trap

Wangzhuan Post Bar 2010 Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to the illegal financing trap

2010 Wangzhuan is colorful, the increase of Wangzhuan owners the opportunity to make money at the same time Wangzhuan friends into more and more, from the 20click to the network last year this year, the fund, the Singapore investment, make money to steal food and so on, operation mode are all so much alike; project developers in the project before the first launch as a financing budget, let you invest 100 yuan, 1 weeks after you return 130 yuan, then the project loss of 30 yuan, and this week can have a number of 100 yuan of income, this is a profit and loss ratio; financing will be calculated by a data, the data is the peak of financing when the earnings amounted to the peak of the time when the project run away.

this illegal financing game is currently the beginner most easily deceived, because early in the project will have a few people to get paid, these few people would think to find a real project, so to do publicity for all over the mountains and plains liars; in this way, the novice friends to see someone got paid, will ready to. Project financing will always give you a lot of packages, so the more you do the more you earn, so a lot of friends began to hold a skeptical investment of 100 or 200, after receiving the payment day, immediately invest 1000 or 2000, because of the unlimited desire. Many people will invest 10000 or 20000 or more in the back;

so, an illegal financing project no winner, even if it is the first to join will be because of their greed eventually reduced to the victims.

In the face of

, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the 2010 illegal financing of this project, Post Bar Wangzhuan remind you make friends carefully in financing, do Wangzhuan or to choose a veteran of the domestic Wangzhuan do, for the new project must make clear Wangzhuan operation of each type, whether on each other’s capital chain will be broken, see each other the relevant documents are complete before the join operation.

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