Several steps to do a single page Taobao guest

Several steps to do a single page Taobao guest


do Taobao off, the flow does not mean income, only high-quality traffic, also known as directional traffic is the real traffic.

With the departure of Google

, the small owners to the survival of Adsense alliance income decline, while Ma timely launch of Taobao alliance, has attracted a large number of small owners in the eye, but how many people really make? For incomplete statistics, in the higher industry, only 2% of the profits, the rest of the loss is not guaranteed. I then go to their own site experience, share a little of their own Taobao promotion experience. PS: if you need to see my income, you can give me a message.

because I just spare time to do so only station, starting from the most simple, single page station is in line with my time. Note: to do a single page Taobao customers need to choose a relatively high commission, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, whitening category. Many people say that the digital Commission is not low, but my opinion is not suitable for single page digital products, mainly is the price too high, Taobao bought Taobao users can make things cheaper, and the quality of digital class a little risk.

chose to promote the product, followed by the site. Here I use static HTML site, although updated up more trouble, but very friendly to search engines. Followed by the page layout, and the layout here must be beautiful, generous, so that users feel that your station is a very formal station. Do not like some stations, in order to pursue the SE rankings, ignoring the user experience. Baidu, Google ranked first and how, the entire page looks like a dumpster, users do not have the desire to buy. Because we are talking about a single page, so the keyword density must be handled well. Personal feel keyword density is a vague concept rather than absolute, I generally choose in 3%-7%;

is completed after the promotion, I follow the following steps:

1, looking for friendship connection platform. In the process of building the site, I collected about more than and 30 weights are also good Chinese Friendship convergence platform, I generally choose to send about 10 a day. Many bad, search engine feel you cheat. Note: the convergence here is not to make you really do convergence, just to increase the chain.

2, to create a new blog to do the chain. The weight and Sina, and Phoenix are very high, it is recommended; day 5, much is not good, ibid.

3, looking for high quality friendship connection. There is no problem with the resources of a friend, there is no choice to buy the chain. In general, the new site is recommended to buy PR2-3, and do not add too much time. I am a day 2 -3, look at the individual mood. A5 has a lot of quality chain purchase service, I suggest you choose.

4, soft Wen, here I only trust A5. A5 Baidu update frequency fast, high weight, once included and there are a lot of station Collection >

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