love a mule why is your site does not make money

love a mule why is your site does not make money

webmaster circle in a few years, every day there are a lot of new friends I asked that question, I am willing to help them, after all, I am also one step by step, once day and night do stand but not a dime of income, through a lot of detours, it can experience of novice webmaster hard, so I contacted a couple very much, we generally do not make money, who is so few people.

one, less than three months to enter the

most people, often seen in the group, do not stand a month to make money, do stand two months have not made money…… And I want to say is, started less than in March, to technology, no technology, no experience to experience, and understanding of this industry are not thoroughly the case, what to take to make money, as one of the new recruits, the focus should be on learning, if really what will not be able to make money the whole earth, people have to do the Internet.


is very easy to think WangzhuanThe

may be affected by all kinds of Wangzhuan training, training a lot of exaggeration, say what a few days to learn, guaranteed to make money like, can think about it, there is no such a good thing, a few days can earn tens of thousands, if so, why people want to teach you? Why don’t you hire someone to do. I can responsibly say, Wangzhuan is not so simple, of course, to a certain point of time, when you have experienced technical ideas, may make money will be easier, but for newcomers, it is very time-consuming to do stand, and early is not to earn money, if it is not in the past then, don’t talk about money, but don’t think how much easier simply to make money online.

three, doubt the industry

this is rare, but also a lot of people, it can be said that this is a contradiction, because itself in standing, there are also doing other work, do the station is part-time, but they are very suspicious of this industry can actually make money, when they are doing and want to do this in a can money, I feel quite interesting, if this industry, even if you do, also won’t do, how can it make money? I want to say is, every industry, the vast majority of people not to earn money, only a small number of people earn money no doubt in any industry, only consider their own suitable for the industry on the line.

of any industry, its essence is the same, no industry to make money easily, also no industry entry a few days will be able to make money, the Internet business and entrepreneurship and the only difference is no need too much money (say is small), I think people in the industry should consider before, there is no interest on this line, is not suitable for this line, after thinking clearly, to do or not to do, don’t doubt this industry, beginning Study hard basic knowledge and some basic techniques, don’t come to think of money, learn more, do one or two web sites or other Wangzhuan, good adhere to the "

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