5 inches large screen phone is becoming popular grassroots webmaster to make money in advance to pre

5 inches large screen phone is becoming popular grassroots webmaster to make money in advance to pre

industry recognized mobile Internet has four congenital defects: 1 screen is too small. 2 network is too slow. 3 life is too short. 4 input inconvenience. With the popularity of 3G networks, WIFI, a variety of input methods, such as the birth of voice input method, several defects have been getting smaller and smaller, but the screen and life is still the largest mobile Internet short board. The screen is too small defects topped the list, mainly because the mobile phone screen is small, crowded, nowhere to put advertising, and mobile phone screen size will inevitably affect the users feel and use habits and ideas.

I. Analysis of the background of large screen mobile phone.

2007, iPhone was born, 3.5 inch screen, causing a sensation at the same time, was ridicule for the call MP4. In 2009, HD2 was born, the 4.3 inch screen is a lot of people Tucao, people generally think that the 4.3 inch screen mobile phone too exaggerated. Using the above 4.3 big screen, is often described as idiotic. Some of the first to see 4.3 inches of mobile phone users will find the screen effect is very shocking. But look around, others are still 2 inch to 3.5 inch mobile phone, heart will think: "people of the screen is so small, if you use such a big screen, designated by person joke? ", so he chose to give up. 4 years later, the sheep effect also applies, the difference is that the user is not around the phone is 2~3 inches, but 3.5 ~ 4.5 inches. Users like the big screen, but the heart is still hesitant: 5.5 inches more than others too much, then buy a 5 inch bar, only a little bigger than others, at least not be a joke."

generally speaking, the larger screen can bring better browsing experience. Users began to conflict, and then slowly accustomed to the big screen phone, turned around, but found it difficult to adapt to the beloved small screen phone. Today, more than 5 inches of mobile phones to attack people, and more than 4 years ago attacked more than 4 inches of the phone, there has been an essential difference. In the past, the big screen will be considered a "copycat" patent, easy to be despised. And now, the big screen has been Samsung NOTE series as the representative of the brand to re shape, the number of attacks, attack the reason has quietly changed.

two grassroots webmaster to make money in advance to prepare.

from the current trend, the next five years, the mobile phone terminal screen size will reach 5 inches to 6 inches, the larger screen means more display more content, more content, also means "advertisement" a smaller impact on user experience. Most of the webmaster website, is not only a personal interest to do, but to the website as your career to business. As the vast majority of grassroots webmaster, money is not the only purpose, but it is the biggest purpose. Graph king once said: "do business like, choose to make money and make money as soon as possible, is responsible for their own webmaster."

now the mobile Internet is just a prototype, but it has been >

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