Some problems and Countermeasures on the beginner

Some problems and Countermeasures on the beginner

kiss Xingmin mixed in this business are often Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice looking for long-term, kiss Xingmin exchanges, through their chat and found all sorts of ideas of the new friends, today we list some out for your reference.

first, the network is difficult to make money.

in college friends, graduated from the University of friends, friends, not the status quo of the unemployed friends, work very easy friends trying to find a profitable business channel, but do not know where to start, like headless flies around in the network, most of these friends are seen some speculation free or fudge projects, meet what to do, busy busy from east to west, even did not earn a penny, so that it’s hard to make money online.

two, the object was fooled.

online around to see the bluff phenomenon, and most of them are novice to be fooled over, because they are inexperienced, do not know how to distinguish between true and false, here to spend a little money to shake a circle, there to spend a little money to learn, in the end there is not much progress, Yu Shihuai doubt everything, don’t know exactly where the. Learning, afraid of being fooled.

three, do not want to invest.

wanted to play some novice karate in the virtual network, who knows there are no free pies, can’t always.

four, did not find the right way.

novice will be the first to pull in the circle in the circle, some novice will be involved, some novice skeptical not willing to pay. People continue to flicker into the bureau to participate in, the Bureau of people wandering in the network. The novice will first contact to pull off the assembly line circle, because the circle of people hard to pull off the assembly line, everywhere advertising, advertising is very exaggerated temptation, plus small network MLM threshold is very low, it is easy to attract these novices in.

five, doubt everything.

as the network everywhere flicker, some new network in a long walk, eventually failed, work steadfast, but still can not be reconciled, others can make money, why can’t I? And still in the network search.

six, the eyebrows beard grabbed.

see what projects are to participate in it, see the registration will go to register, diligent in just a few days prompted by a sudden impulse aside, even the registered name and password are forgotten. Think of what the theme of the station to do a stand, stand more, but no income.

seven, want to make money immediately.

did not think of the network zero income to break the record of zero income There are plenty of people who, can not find the way. Some even because the family economy is facing a crisis before they set foot in the network, as long as the network will be able to pick up gold.

eight, three days fishing nets two days of drying.

when prompted by a sudden impulse enthusiasm, game over a few days.

there are a lot of things that exist, kiss Xing

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