nternet venture the closed loop or open

nternet venture the closed loop or open

first network enterprise competition, is dependent on a single product, such as instant messaging service with the Tencent, to provide advertising services for small and medium-sized enterprises of Baidu, and communication both Alibaba, or do the game and game agency of the NetEase, such as. Today’s network bigwigs are made from a good product development, but when they become big brother, the expansion rate began to accelerate. In particular, apple, Samsung demonstration effect, one day they suddenly became aware of: they already have enough of all kinds of products and the strength, they can make a closed loop. As a result, we have seen a closed loop system, Ali department, Tencent, Baidu, 360 series. From the forefront of marketing to the final payment, each is trying to create a closed loop.

is the essence of the Internet is open, but it has become a circle, the circle of people who are lucky, but since there is a circle, it also has a circle outside the inner circle, people outside the world is difficult to join. It can be said that the degree of openness of the Internet is decreasing.

then the Internet product in the end is open, but the success of this topic, the closed loop, the author to give an accurate answer, but I would like to recall in the Internet in the process, some products come into contact with, they have to open some closed loop gain, to overcome.

from the financial website into financial software

in 2006, I entered an investment advisory body to become a website editor. The company has three businesses, pay TV, securities newspapers and a financial website. Responsible for the site manager who served as the first line of the domestic financial channel responsible person, the experience should be said to be very rich. The core content of our website is: the original stock market review articles, research reports of securities research institutions (we pay to buy) and some of the videos produced on the line. Because we have the advantage of video production and editing newspapers, so at that time, compared with the same kind of site, but some features and highlights. But what’s troubling us is that we haven’t found a way to make money. Because open content can be copied and referenced. When the great wisdom and flush it has been in development, we try to go the way of software development. The final development of the software is almost a variant of the site, that is, the content of the site into the software inside. Naturally, the site began to be closed, for example, will only show the beginning of the research report, such as the original content mentioned in the stock was hidden". Software is completely closed loop, buy – use – customer service maintenance. But that is a variant of the annual sales of up to ten million. When we are proud of this time, the East Fortune listed. Eastern wealth network launched the stock it, was also one of our ideas. It is a path from the closed to the open.

from this career, I get the experience is: your own unique, it is difficult to do something, it must be closed. But everybody can do it, just

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