The webmaster website should combine online and offline

The webmaster website should combine online and offline

webmaster in the enjoyment of advertising revenue, have you ever thought about their currency upgrade? 2009 – an easy to make people angry in the 2009 year, the webmaster has more than half the time of the drum or pocket is flat, either "drum" or "flat", the webmaster should exert their own advantages, hard-working rich, here to share with you my own pocket upgrade experience.

first, to explore the advantages of upgrading pockets.

a lot of old webmaster rely on advertising to earn a lot of money, in addition to the daily update information, the other time you may go to the CS, but the chance to get rich, but too lazy to do, this is a pity. I stood for a long time advertising alliance earn not less, but the overall feel is still a "hero of Liangshan" "there is a large distance from the regular army, in a variety of thought, try the" alliance "+" marketing idea for sale ", is the combination of online and offline, made a very good effect. Webmasters have network publicity, planning advantages, combined with product sales is a good choice. In addition, the main according to their geographical advantages, such as my cool zone except my own independent burdock network design website, web site promotion is most important with our local industries (burdock is our local specialty), whether this is the quality of the product is also the price advantage. Even if there is no local product advantage can also be agents, sales profit is sometimes less than the alliance advertising. Sales are sometimes the most is to examine the degree of diligence and the level of sales of our owners, such as the purchase of products are generally more in the evening or weekend, then this time if the loss on the large offline. Registered Taobao brand shop and then use their own station, want to do, don’t just want to go into practice and do all the "dream" of the poor guy, the courage to put their own ideas into practice, is a successful person of outstanding quality.

two, correct attitude, adjust mentality.

2009 is an easy to get angry year. "The money to make thick," a lot of people, some people can rely on the good tolerance of personal support in the past after the fire, this part will be successful, the other part of the people get too big, to have a fever last fall over. Whether it is to do stand, or do other business, a good state of mind is a guarantee of success. Adjust the good attitude, can only be a short-term wage earners, want to "jump Longmen" must experience too many frustrations. Set goals, market investigation, determine the project plan is hard to combat, combat will encounter many unexpected difficulties, not a registered company’s registered company, the webmaster good involves the business tax payable in terms of energy, but these are not the main, good habits to cope with. When selling products sold scattered individuals (such as Taobao customers), can earn a penny, you want to make a lot of money but the development agency is still necessary, is a prerequisite for the development of the business license, tax registration certificate, food.

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