Mobile nternet business you want to really happy or fake orgasm

Mobile nternet business you want to really happy or fake orgasm

Abstract: the so-called hot field is usually a fake orgasms, so entrepreneurs do not fall to drill


once a year the entrepreneurs conference ended, around the topic of business across the country still The tune lingered in the room. entrepreneurs, have to get together, entrepreneurial experience and Inspiration of the mobile Internet era. Different from the previous entrepreneurship conference, this time almost all of the topics are related to the mobile Internet, both Tencent executives Tangdao Sheng speech, or Hu Yanping’s mobile internet report, are full of temptations and opportunities.

in the past two weeks, I saw several waves of entrepreneurs, the diagnosis of many projects, found that "reliable rate is not very high, relatively reliable projects are from the two years of Internet entrepreneurs and practitioners, even so, these projects are often seen hard fatal injury. Although the Tencent in the opening scene, code open, open, open flow capacity and other aspects of providing open opportunities and growth of convenience, but the most important is, entrepreneurs make their projects more reliable, and can make the project to grow Qu Xianbian steep, and get the user’s love, investors are more interested in. As YC founder Paul Graham said, "I have never seen one, an entrepreneurial team will try to make the first batch of users happy and failed".

mobile entrepreneurs and inbreeding coefficient Zoupian Jian Feng

in the mobile Internet tide of entrepreneurship, we will find very many bigger and stronger entrepreneurs not ordinary grassroots entrepreneurs, these entrepreneurs often come from Ali, Tencent and other large companies in the top, characteristics of this group of people is the majority of financial freedom, has been relatively rich, rich experience, pulse strong financing ability. They do more to invest, more rapid walking routes and the concept of Silicon Valley line, even copying the latest American model, their copying speed is faster than the grassroots entrepreneurial team, of course, the most important is that they are able to get enough investment.

for grassroots entrepreneurs, mobile Internet business is not easy, the choice of projects requires painstakingly limited technical force and funds are not enough to support the profit chain too long, what like O2O for grassroots entrepreneurs is more marketing and sales level channel business, rather than technical entrepreneurship. I just helped an entrepreneur to bypass the investors, to the good, but the premise is: the entrepreneur project has accumulated 3 million APP downloads, grassroots entrepreneurs experience in big companies, no successful cases, often need to show themselves in a super ability.

I am almost sure that the era of mobile Internet business environment has been like the PC era of entrepreneurial environment, and began to enter the inbreeding coefficient Zoupian Jian Feng two extremes, giants are looking for new projects in the mad point. Although it looks like the long tail of mobile entrepreneurship is very good, but the Chinese Internet environment may be able to win the final look is very hard to force the project. If you >

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