Miracle secret gray auction reverse bidding project

Miracle secret gray auction reverse bidding project

yesterday to buy a project before a friend to find me, told me he wanted to buy a so-called gray auction, reverse bidding project, to help me see. The launch of the project and the project sales page here I will not disclose, to avoid unnecessary trouble. We later see a similar concept of the project to know this model can be.

first of all, I give you to explain what is the so-called reverse auction or gray bid? In fact, we are usually talking about all the people earn. Visitors to help promote the site through the promise of some benefits to visitors. We can make any search under the national people can learn about the content. This is not a bad idea, but there is a very attractive point set, enough to allow users to help you to promote. The real price is only through search engine advertising, it is called bidding. In order not to consider the premise of the promotion of direct money to buy traffic. If you really have any gray bidding or reverse bidding can achieve the effect of Baidu, GG auction, then these do not master the auction will be tens of millions of advertising. The people will think about it. I didn’t see the attraction of the project, but he was sure to exaggerate the effect of the publicity in the material. In fact, all the people are making the most difficult to operate a network promotion means.

now I give you analysis of how he is by setting traps to achieve the purpose of fraud. Here I will do a detailed analysis of its operation. The purpose is to let everyone know, don’t be deceived, and do not want you to learn a deceptive practices, and then copy his mode to cheat.

1, the surface is Taobao transactions, satisfied with the re payment. But it has a clause, that is, within 3 days that can not learn something to refund. Why 3 days? That’s a key point. Taobao’s virtual goods logistics time is 3 days, the buyer does not confirm the receipt of payment, Taobao will automatically determine the buyer has received and automatically confirm payment. There are a lot of people do not understand this truth, it is easy to be delayed for 3 days Taobao direct payment. You can note that its products are published in the "IP card / phone / phone number" in the classification of the. If he released the goods when the choice of automatic delivery, it only takes 1 days to confirm the payment of Taobao directly. During this period he will try to delay you, distract your attention, and so you really according to his argument to learn 3 days after the refund, your money is gone.

2, you see his shop is a good 100%, and the product page has a lot of buyers comments. But you look confident, it is not the data of Taobao, but only a picture of his hair. This is a nice picture of a PS, or from someone else intercepted on the OK. When you look at the details of the product, do you find a strange phenomenon? Why do you have to score and not have a detailed evaluation? It is because of the score of the previous 100%, he did it himself. And the latter will be cheated buyers will naturally poor evaluation, but Taobao is a mutual assessment to show. After the buyer’s rating

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