dentify the need to stand out from the network rankings

dentify the need to stand out from the network rankings

Chen Fansong

is an online shop owner, has been operating for two or three years, not much improvement, but since last year began on in its rankings, half the time spent less than 5000 yuan advertising costs, but the florist flower sales have increased significantly.

in fact, PPC is a new form of advertising with the development of search technology, it through the website for users to input the keywords of context analysis, users need the information in the appropriate page, which will effectively recommend products or services to the target customers. For PPC advertising, you can click on each bid (also known as the bid) to determine the level of high and low, and according to the number of clicks charges.

and almost all of the portal site provides a competitive ranking service, but the focus of the major portals have significant differences.

Sohu: automatic bidding to ensure ranking

Sohu is the first Internet search has started the portal site, web site classification and site search search has been its advantage. Many years immersed in the Internet users still have a habit, "read the news on the website to find Sina, Sohu, community date in the NetEase", which has become the largest Sohu to promote the competitive ranking service capital.

search results page right in Sohu keyword, page shows six PPC, every day through the Sohu keyword search query information, site visitors more than 2 million times. Sohu PPC service according to click billing, advertising fees = effective clicks ×. Among them, the number of valid clicks to exclude the malicious click on the bidding, standard price of not less than 0.30 yuan / times, 0.05 yuan for a bidding unit, bid high advertising in the front row, the same advertising the same price, in accordance with the chronological order delivery time.

"automatic bidding mechanism is a feature of Sohu PPC service," said Wang Jianjun, vice president of Sohu. It allows the PPC advertisers set the highest price limit range, when the price of competitors more than your price and make your web site ranking, automatic price adjustment will be more than the other 0.05 yuan to ensure your original position unchanged, the price adjustment process is done automatically by the system, to ensure the PPC advertising website rankings.

collaboration tips:

Sohu PPC service using real-time computing, real-time billing accounting, which requires the participants to participate in the PPC advertising accounts have a certain amount of reserve funds. In general, the initial amount of retail investors into the amount of money, the average customer of 300 yuan, the lowest level of $1500, no limit requirements. When the PPC advertising funds account for the use of funds, should be added in time

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