Spicy comments advertising alliance to encourage garbage

Spicy comments advertising alliance to encourage garbage

advertising alliance because it looks beautiful, so "perfect" rapid development. When the perfect occurs in the lack of integrity of the Chinese Internet, but also began to perfect the production of garbage.

I do www.5pr5.cn do stand, however, the alliance doesn’t give me on ads, everywhere. In fact, I did not expect it to earn much money, but do not hang an ad, the site is not white water, but, so I struggled to get nearly 2. Union garbage into the 2, they get free. Baidu does not pass, GG not to pass, not through the record… Depressed dead. Others do pure garbage station, a lot to make money, I? Why is this? Some stations and even the station is garbage, not a word is transparent! Pain removed from your heart later learned that the original, must do the dumpster.

let’s take a look at the development of the advertising alliance: advertising alliance can be traced back to the early development of the internet. Due to the lack of resources in the early years of the Internet, so many of the personal home page to join the ranks of the ad exchange, through advertising to get free promotion. To apply for the account in the league’s website, and get the code, the system will automatically calculate the number of your display advertising, and advertising to help you with the same number (or as a ratio) display on other websites, then like tai chi chain (http://s.www.textclick.com) advertising exchange become text ad exchange, makes the advertising the exchange of the amount of the leap. There are also a number of intermediary to provide paid advertising, but because it is difficult for the owners of the main long-term advertising owners, so that the alliance has been closed for some time. In fact, Shanghai is also one of the best paid advertising click on the alliance, and later developed into a service provider of advertising systems.

all along with the development of mobile phone short message service and the like a raging fire with a qualitative change, as far as I know is the earliest NetEase should provide SMS service alliance (later, but to carry out a period of time because the mobile SMS SP rectify closed). Because the promotion of SMS to the Union and bring practical benefits, as long as the main union actual earnings out part to union members can make such a union model is the "good" operation, everything looks so perfect. Because it looks very beautiful, so more and more companies began to "play", Tom, Sina, Sohu began to develop his message alliance, Cai Xiu is the development of such a model to affiliate 1:1 into the model, it makes the development of MMS such mobile phone terminal business is also very limited "perfect" the.


looks very beautiful, so the "perfect" rapid development, the main development of advertising alliance no longer messages such visible "perfect" business model, the 3721 launched a search alliance, then Baidu is also quick to follow up. 3721 Internet assistant software such as "perfect" as the virus spread to every IE browser (if 3721>

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