Fully tap the site resources to enhance the profitability of the site

Fully tap the site resources to enhance the profitability of the site

I do

station has been 3 years, but the profit is nearly two months, has been unsuccessful. But after summing up, not the wrong site, but their money will not earn!

below to focus on everyone to talk about my consciousness

I do a website at the beginning of this year, belong to the software download, download the software in the webmaster Trading Forum but it is very hot. Take my download station to say, the average daily flow of 3800 in March, the daily traffic in May was $3500 in revenue in March was $800 in revenue in May was $1200. Why?? flow down, instead of increasing the income?? the reason is this, I began to do only express station advertising alliance, is less and less, and now I’m on the download page with GG ads (Reference: http://s.www.hack59.com/soft/shadu/957.html). Note that the GG ad should be hidden in the content of the site, but also to highlight, so I put the GG ad into bright red. That’s $2 a day.

there are not many places to explore, such as adding a thunderbolt alliance or express thunderbolt together, plus the traditional monthly advertising, the site layout is reasonable, can make more advertising, the income will be further improved, now I don’t think well, there is hope that the study direction to contact my friends together, study. QQ: 93881137

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