Network Entrepreneurship VC is the water moon

Network Entrepreneurship VC is the water moon

In many business sites or forums, there will be about how to attract VC, investors are becoming more rational in the case of duhugu believes that for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, especially Internet entrepreneurs, the less concerned about some of the aspects of things, why? Because VC find your probability, and the probability of the five million prize is almost small, from a mathematical point of view, is a small probability event, for you personally, the probability is zero".

tiger Valley personal view:

, VC is in the water, looks beautiful, but can only see, not fish, is a fairy tale, then give you hope to give you a dream, wake up, do.

so thinking of looking for VC friend, it is best to find things out, to feed themselves, and then slowly find network, it seems that everywhere is an opportunity, there is gold, but the real pick up gold is one of the few, most people especially the grassroots webmaster, life than people work hard, why? Turn a joke:
a Fupo nightclub for fun, the boss picked a few handsome, rich is not satisfied with the boss; and pick a few strong guy, still not satisfied fupo. The boss asked what exactly that woman want to say, her physical strength, vigorous, able to work overtime, staying up late, the boss heard the music, mouth shouted: "those who engage in the website, to pick me out!"

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