85 after the beauty of his spare time to open shop earning 50 thousand off their wealth or inspirati

85 after the beauty of his spare time to open shop earning 50 thousand off their wealth or inspirati

85 after the beauty off their wealth or inspirational

after a 85 foreign white-collar workers, some use of spare time, Taobao opened a toy shop, now a monthly income of 50 thousand, bought two luxury cars. A good photographer took the picture down onto the Internet with the beauty of tushuo, attracted hot friends: what is the shopping website to fry as its own propaganda, or really worth learning after the 85 generation of


stunning beauty shop online show

29 reporters in the CCTV forum found this is similar to the comic post. The landlord "Sun Stone" claimed to be a photographer, because of the need for regular interviews with the entrepreneurial dream, the girl’s ordinary looking, but she passed his struggle has two cars, a Audi accord, her low-key self-confident and lovely.

and photographer also indicate that the picture is taken by him, but the story is the beauty shop owner to write their own, is called "who said we 80 is the beat generation".

the woman owner claimed, she always want to be a small boss, but the parents do not agree, after graduating from college, she became a steadfast foreign staff, after two years of administrative work smoothly to a person under the X on the position of assistant president. When the assistant president side although very hard, whether big and small everything in hand, but she is still looking for his dream way to achieve, she chose through "a smart window – shopping site, and close to the dream. So a year ago she quickly on Taobao registered a shop, Yibanjiwan block out of work for a year deposit, began selling "doll". She gave his shop a big name "Dora A dream toy bag".

for work every day too late, no way to do business, she had to put the "small store" transfer to the company, the president, meeting at noon break time online orders, then every afternoon from the courier goods out. So her shop slowly booming, a year to earn a lot of money, is said to be a monthly income of 50 thousand". The beauty shop owner finally said confidently, who said we 80 is the beat generation? "I more and more fulfilling life, not what is more important than the struggle of youth only once, let us burn, not to leave any regrets his own life! For the network on family women show off their wealth, I always want to say the most beautiful wealth lies in the process for wealth and efforts……"

with the female owner than "Lan Dong"

this post yesterday in various forums online quickly spread, many users thread said behind the 85 women show off their wealth. The boss is not the same as before the women show off their wealth, her own efforts, earned considerable wealth, down-to-earth, much stronger than the so-called network Reds! "

and friends said, those who show off their wealth online stock number >

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