Google ADSense Commissioner AdSensePro answer questions

Google ADSense Commissioner AdSensePro answer questions

1. asked a friend on behalf of the past, because the policy does not understand. To do GG advertising, K GG advertising account, now want to start " ", can you? Is there any way?

AdSensePro: if the account is not valid because it is not able to re join.

2.Yunyouyou asked: Pro bother to ask ah: I bought a station of someone else, but heard that his GG account was K, the site now use my new account can also put GG ads? Would you like to close my account? Thank you!

The meaning of

AdSensePro: association is a direct economic relationship, such as a person, or immediate family. Google will be judged by a number of factors related to the account, the same site is only one of them. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t have a real connection with your previous account.

3. my website has a piece of music related content. Would like to publish some of their own writing, modification, the piano music down. But the need to use music to browse and enjoy a software (free shareware). I’m going to fixed on the home page of the site available for download, but I have the footer of GG advertising.

(1) would you like to ask if there is a conflict with GG’s policy?

(2 in addition to my another article section, there are a number of music copywriting, reading time need to combine music to enjoy. And I will be released in the article in the article to provide music related links. The same article also browse footer GG advertising, it will not affect my GG advertising?

AdSensePro: please refer to our help center for copyright material definitions, but free and shareware are not currently considered copyright materials. Music material belongs to the copyright content, so it is recommended not to put ads on the page.

4. website message system can not count the content page, you can put AdSense for Content?

AdSensePro: message browser page content page, if only a message system, other users can not view the message, it does not belong to the content page

5. specialist! Questions about account association. One of my classmates, now in graduate school, and one of his classmates now infected me in ADSense.

question 1: it is sometimes necessary for us to manage each other’s accounts. For example, he can not access the Internet, I help him to the site to adjust the ad, view the income, etc.. But I’m afraid that the account is linked, and I’m not sure how to log on to their account on my computer. So would you like to ask if I log on to their account on my computer, do you have an account?

question 2: This is a question on behalf of the students. The two of them are a class

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