How to do the crisis and how to deal with the middleman

How to do the crisis and how to deal with the middleman

: I live in a city that has been hit by a major flood and everything is in a state of emergency. Sales are a big part of our company. What is the best way for me to run my business at a critical time,


answer: in case of emergency, there is no "business model to follow the prescribed order". If the product with your eyes the crisis might focus to bound together in a common cause, how to use the service and people you have appropriate methods on the link, do not let you look like an opportunist. Develop a crisis management plan for an important tool or service that outlines how your sales team is running when a disaster occurs. Either way, please remember, even if you are a part of the sales coverage area not affected by floods or tornadoes, but you may also be regional customers because of concerns surrounding friends and family while distracted. You have to be sensitive to this.

crisis, the most important thing is to help others through the storm. Check the number of employees, suppliers and customers, to ensure that all people or you can see All is well., how to help them. Consider taking advantage of your company’s resources – trucks, warehouse space, technology, and even sales force – to help the Red Cross or other organizations. Emergency situations can bring the best business and help you build a good reputation for neighborhood trust.

: there are a few people in my career who can’t wait to introduce some potential customers to my startup. I think they’re very considerate. However, when one of these potential customers and I signed and become my clients, who do good references but kickbacks. Do I have to pay him?

answer: your "buddy" should speak directly about his expectations. He will introduce you to the customer, he is obviously a good pull, but he decided that after the success of kickbacks is immoral. It’s a lot of problems for you to pay kickbacks, which you don’t want to happen. If your new customers discovered this trust will weaken, your relationship will be tarnished, and give him a feeling that you need Maituo start-ups.

don’t pay for this, but explain your reasons for rejection. Thank you for your usual practice you recommend customers on the line, write a note, dinner for dinner or the promised day to benefit, these can be used to meet your friends. Give him a chance to hear why he wants a kickback. He often told people he expected to get the cash return? There is no other business owners because of his help and gave him the money?

then, you need to make a decision: do you want to keep him in your professional circle?. If you introduce him to your friends, do you trust him?

in addition, you can take this as an opportunity to pay close attention to the people in your network, to understand their real desire to keep in touch with you, so as to determine whether

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