How to use the lure of the prevailing wind of foreign space profit

How to use the lure of the prevailing wind of foreign space profit

as everyone knows, now Wangzhuan industry temptation in vogue, SP, CPS, CPA, the temptation to emerge in an endless stream. So for this event to enrich our pockets?

In fact, we can think of

and colleagues to do Wangzhuan temptation, then obviously not foreign space, if you don’t know why? Please use Baidu Search.

so we can check the information, and then you can know like Godaddy, LunarPages, HostMonster, and so some of the old u.s.. They provide the general capacity of the host is large flow, can be assigned to a number of FTP accounts, and generally free of charge for IP. So we can know a way to make money. Buy a whole space, and then use the allocation of multiple FTP can be divided to sell. Of course, when we want to support monthly sales.

of course, these old hosting service providers are not allowed to provide space for A content, and because of the presence of GFW, then there is a considerable risk.

risk a, space IP by GFW.

solution: This is actually very simple, IP can be changed. These old host service providers are generally free of charge for IP, but there are not supported, so before buying the investment must be clear. For non free for IP, we still do not choose, after all, to do the temptation of space IP is very frequent GFW.

risk two, due to the presence of A content, the space is the host service provider K.

solutions: this problem is more serious. We should know that these host services generally support the unconditional refund within 30 days, yes, if you don’t have too much trouble, the purchase of investment can choose monthly investment, once K, then buy a new customer and will transfer the past. The original K lost space can refund refund, can not refund is thrown away. In fact, this risk is not the solution too good, can only say the maximum possible loss.

of course, we all know that this era of competition is the most intense, good. We can go to Taobao and other places to look at the use of this method to sell a small number of foreign space, then how can we stand out in such a fierce competition?

answer is very simple, the establishment of personal brand with good reputation.

my bird @ old Thai I began to use this method in March to sell the U.S. space, a monthly investment of more than and 100 RMB, the situation is good to earn a net profit of 400+, the situation is also poor 200+. Although this is not a lot of money, but you are in a stable. If your quality is good and the service space, so I think most people will always renew. Of course, I’m just small sales, and not too much to expand the business. If you are energetic, it is no problem to make thousands of dollars in this way. Multiple replication mode can be repeated.


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