What is the soul of martial arts martial art is the soul of the website

What is the soul of martial arts martial art is the soul of the website

but I’m going to put these two unrelated things together today.

in the martial arts, both in home and abroad, or Shaolin, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua, our practice is emphasized a personal hobby, follow the physical fitness, but in practice we know that in fact is the soul of martial arts martial art, practice is required to have no eyes like hand one by one, is also embodied in martial art, not a martial art, martial arts lost soul.

why not? At present, with the popularization of network and rapid development, entertainment, news, download, forum and other major sects sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like by grassroots Webmaster Help, the fundamental purpose of the establishment of the webmaster do not have to say, are not engaged in what welfare projects, is the site of profit the soul! Buy advertising, membership, online shop, no matter what form reflects the fundamental purpose of profit, no profit will lose interest.

how to make your site profitable to Amoy first pot of gold on the Internet? I have the following advice:

is in the station to identify the market entry point, open in front of you want to stand for the crowd, of course, less competitive.

two is the type and content of your site, after the user is willing to see the money remitted to you, you have to open this type of site.

three is the daily operation of Baidu, Google and other search engine keywords, look at your site should be the most content.

four is Google and Alimama don’t depend on advertisers, money is suing the station’s patent, our amateur small grassroots webmaster by the electricity does not come back to earn.

this thing need to practice to get knowledge, I encourage friends to have a small internet post on their own, from a hobby to profit maybe time is a blink of an eye, as long as your heart and effort, will become the site of school martial arts master


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