Alternative ways to do Taobao

Alternative ways to do Taobao

is now very popular to do Taobao, many webmaster friends are registered in Ali mother account. Although the network of Taobao customers advertising everywhere, but few people really make money, I often heard some owners complain about their Taobao off without the turnover, some even think that income is flashed Amoy drag son Ali mother.

can not make money who are anxious, this can be understood, but if you deny the results of others, I am afraid there is something wrong. I don’t doubt for those high income screenshots, because the author side with this expert.

this is my high school classmate, after graduating from university in a magazine editor, write a good article. Later I saw the online promotion of Taobao products can make money, I came to learn. Because he did not have any knowledge of the site, so I told him that as long as others through your own links to buy the product will automatically get commission, and the most difficult thing is to use what method to promote. After he listens thoughtfully said: it was so simple.

later, according to his request, I found a very high commission weight loss product links, but also an expert tone told him to sign up every day to send a link to this forum on it. The thought that the layman like him to make Taobao money almost impossible, did not think a month after he told me excitedly: Taobao guest is really a good stuff, I can earn a few million! I can’t believe I heard this news, but his mom accounts do show with a long amount of revenue. This is not what makes me surprised is his offbeat promotion method.

in understanding the mode of operation of Taobao customers, he did some serious thinking, and finally concluded: want to lose weight products sold, the most important thing is to attract the beauty of women on the network. Where most women do, the answer is the same as the Ruili Women’s forum. So his first week of work is to soak in these forums every day above observation and analysis, look inside the female friends are talking about what, what kind of interest. The full grasp of the details of the forum after second weeks, he would write serial novel, the contents of the work are women’s love, because the story twists and turns, the beautiful, just a week there are many netizens became his loyal readers.

see the forum had a good member, of course moderators will treasure every time his top posts, so the exposure rate is higher. See the time is ripe, the friend began his own Taobao guest link cleverly added in the article. Because of the link between the promotion link and the plot of the novel, the female readers are even rushing to buy. Therefore, in less than a month’s time, he earned a bowl full of pots, very proud.

through the experience of this friend, I suddenly realized that a lot of Taobao do not go to the owners of the promotion of errors. Some people are always thinking about how to mass, how to optimize, but just forget that consumers need to guide. Maybe we have a lack of emotional thinking, can not write good >

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