Taiwan nternet business legend godfather of people from the media to the electricity supplier nouve

Taiwan nternet business legend godfather of people from the media to the electricity supplier nouve


he was behind the 80s Taiwan culture of the last century, the record and he sang Luo Dayou’s successful planning; the wave of the Internet, he set up Taiwan’s largest Internet service provider PChome, also the founder of Taiwan’s largest women shopping platform Payeasy. Today, he has become the godfather of the Internet in Taiwan, he is Zhan Hongzhi. Dark horse brother sharing it with the world network operators of the article, look at his legendary story, a media person to business legend Nouveau riche.


looking for inspiration, dig a dark horse, hot comments, copy the essence – here is the dark horse News Agency: Zhan’s title a lot, from writers, editors, media people, filmmakers to the godfather of the internet. For Zhan Hongzhi, cross-border experience may not be his biggest advantage, as he said himself, he caught up with a wave of the Internet wave, which gave him the chance to experience a generation under the background of Internet lifestyle, but also gave him the chance to go to the mining in the wave of opportunity he pushed forward. In the past thirty years, he has experienced the best and worst times of Taiwan.

7:25 in the morning, five minutes earlier than the appointed time, Zhan Hongzhi appeared in the lobby of the hotel. 37 hair, nose, with black rimmed glasses, a white shirt with a pen in the left pocket, carrying a backpack to follow for years, if we turn to 30 years ago, Zhan Hongzhi now and that he and Edward Yang, Hsiao-Hsien Hou and a number of Taiwan new movie stand with the people of the photo, almost no image the difference between hair, just a few white hairs, the forehead of arrogance in the years into refined humility.

many people regard Zhan Hongzhi as a driving force behind the 1980s Taiwan culture, the successful planning Luo Dayou album and concert, "city of sadness", "brighter summer day", "Duosang" etc. Taiwan new movie producer, "the Taiwan new wave film declaration" the drafters, won the top of the charts selling book writer.

but for nearly ten years, Zhan Hongzhi’s name is increasingly linked with the Internet godfather, the founder of the two Internet Co, of which PChome is Taiwan’s largest Internet service provider, PayEasy is the largest female shopping platform in Taiwan. When the Internet and e-commerce in the global wave of Zhan Hongzhi completed a raging like a storm, the media to business transformation, has become one of Taiwan’s Internet godfather, not only is the time made man, also from the personal courage and vision.

the past thirty years, Zhan Hongzhi experienced in Taiwan "the best of times it was the worst of times," the godfather from media people, promoting culture, marketing guru to the Internet, Zhan Hongzhi’s story is a tale.

cross media

Zhan Hongzhi, who was once the most successful media player in Taiwan, was hailed as the star of the Taiwan newspaper and sent to the United States