The first batch of college students entrepreneurship class in Yiwu

The first batch of college students entrepreneurship class in Yiwu

went to the graduation season again. When the students are busy for employment, some students in Yiwu business school is the destiny in their own hands, early when the "boss": 120 graduates of the first Taobao entrepreneurial class, a total annual income reached 63 million yuan. In this way, the per capita monthly income of more than 40 thousand yuan!

in June 1st, at the Yiwu business school graduation ceremony held at the 2012 graduates, college leaders specifically for the "outstanding graduate" honor of the students awarded a certificate of honor of the 15.

set up Taobao entrepreneurial class: the first National University

per capita monthly income of more than 40 thousand yuan. It can be said that this result confirms his promise." These days, Yiwu Institute of Commerce, deputy party secretary, vice president Jia Shaohua excited, "school year opened the 4 Taobao entrepreneurial class, I have made a commitment to the society, these students Taobao entrepreneurial class, per capita monthly income will reach 10 thousand yuan."

of course, this commitment was naturally brought a question! Jia Shaohua is full of confidence. He knows his students. Online business, small start-up capital and entrepreneurial threshold is low, management risk is little, especially for the entry of the business entrepreneurs. Moreover, a few years ago, many college students, through the Internet to find the golden rice bowl".

Yiwu business school in the light of its general trend, in September 2009 took the lead in the National University opened 4 Taobao business class, the class of 30 people, the Zhejiang high school graduates enrollment. In that year, the new students in the entrepreneurial class scores higher than other students in the same school with 30 points.

ordinary students have extraordinary confidence and determination. College of Taobao business class made specific requirements: one at the end to reach the average monthly income of 2000 yuan; second end to the average monthly income of 5000 yuan; after 3 years of theoretical study and the practical activity, reached the average monthly income of 10 thousand yuan target third graduation.

target in front of College in teaching also made corresponding reform: how to break the normal procedure of teaching methods, teaching students the main open online store, studying business and management skills; the start-up business forum, invited experts to teach shop management knowledge; to carry out large-scale online business competition, the establishment of School of highest Honor Award "awards".

at the same time, the college also provides students with 2600 square meters of entrepreneurial base studio, so that students really gun real gun training. In order to ensure the quality of teaching, the class to implement dynamic management, the survival of the fittest.

training purposes: entrepreneurs rather than employment

why is it necessary to set up a business class Taobao in Jia Shaohua seems that the current situation, a lot of corporate profits decline, fewer jobs provided by the enterprise, the employment of college students is even more difficult. The establishment of the "entrepreneurial class", its ultimate goal is to train entrepreneurs, and >