How to be a Taobao guest from the perspective of tailoring

How to be a Taobao guest from the perspective of tailoring

in the UK, this is a story that is known to every family, a street in London, there are three tailoring shop, fame is not small, in order to attract attention, attract more business, three tailoring shop owner, in his shop front lit a billboard. At that time, that billboard first hung, emblazoned with the words: "this store has the best tailor in london". Another boss, for fear of falling price, billboards, immediately hang out a similarly sized letter: "this shop has the best tailor".

sees this, people think that the third cloth shop owner, will hang out such signs, content should be ". This store has the best tailor in the world".

when the boss is a big idea of subversion, not only to the big blow, but in the small office that he showed, is a seemingly ordinary but very wonderful billboard: "this store has the best tailor in the street", this card appeared, immediately attracted a burst of applause sound.

– the immediate opponent, is the real opponent; the reality of the problem, is the most meaningful question. This is the main idea of the tailor. Only by taking seriously the problems in reality can people really improve their situation.

once upon a time, in Paris, France, there was a young painter, who had been painting the door all day, but because he was not famous, he had a hard time. One day, he was in an alley ditch, found a pair of people away worn high-heeled shoes, he felt like a sensitive, was the fate of abandoned in the sewers. Unfortunately, when he bowed meditation, on his past life quickly made a reflection, then disillusioned, then and he made a surprise move to the passers-by – shoes in the bosom to catch a place.

entered the room, he rushed to the shoe to do a lot of processing, drew out the face appearance, he decided to become broken for art, will be processed into a variety of masks worn out shoes.

then, he this industry, a few years, the various old thousands of shoes, into every kind of Facebook art, satirical comical, needle blink the ills of politicians, priests, nuns have, have children…… Work pays off, these distinctive artwork, gradually attracted the attention of the people, on several occasions in Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Zurich and other places of exhibition, each piece price also rose to more than $3000. Therefore, he was called "Xielian wizards". Each of his old shoes is unique, and each has its own ‘, soul".

do not know after you read the story above what kind of idea and know what for Taobao customers? Someone has said not to do Taobao customers, not to make money, which I recognized, before Taobao guest didn’t do so well, Taobao is not really like Ma Yunna said everyone can if you really did not venture, this society is really, because this social reality will become more empty.