n the settlement of the time ah said cheat

n the settlement of the time ah said cheat

Event 1. My site advertising costs 150 yuan a day or so. Ah, said the site is not suitable for me to do, so I ended up with my cooperation. But before the advertising costs to me, so the following

dear * * *:

            in your login name for Ali Alliance: ********** (e-mail will not write).

        after comprehensive evaluation, YAHOO auction promotion party that your site is not suitable for the promotion of 55% bidding into products, and therefore decided to terminate the cooperation with you in the bidding on the product into the promotion of 55%. 55% bidding into product cooperation termination does not mean that you have any problems with the site or code. Ali alliance will be paid as usual before the termination of the cooperation of the 55% bidding costs, while we will continue to cooperate with you on other products.

2007 08 May 17