t is difficult to make money inadvertently earn 500 yuan

t is difficult to make money inadvertently earn 500 yuan

I am 9 years ago contact network, then it’s not a computer, sister, sister to go home to play, I mainly play chess, occasionally look at the site, remember to often go to is behind the A5 and the A5 is still the old version, but the content is still very worth a look. I was trying to do for a living, but now I just earn some extra money. Oh great gap between ideal and reality.

about 4 years ago, one day, I found that there is an article on the use of Baidu know promotion, so go to practice. I have a small website, to tell the truth, even small sites can not be considered a small free website is the application in the self-help website, but can also function, sparrow may be small, can put ads and popups. I used it to make a movie knowledge network, with 20 articles.

I know in Baidu to ask 8 questions, such as movie downloads, movie sites, the latest movie, these key words flow are very large, in Baidu know in about 100ip. The rest is not about the film, but the flow is very large. Also around 100ip. In questioning I usually repeated 4-5 times, one or 6 times, which I studied, 4-5 times more than just good, will be K, small row of the top three, only the top three of the flow will be compared. The method of repeat keyword now about the cheating, but that time is not second days, I used 8 account another answer, the answer is copying others, the only difference is I add my site link, but also repeated 2 times keywords. The third day I went to accept my answer, the day there are 6 key words into the top 2, left without a shadow, another ranked first in less than 2 hours by K, may I repeat 6 times is the key.

is the 6 key words, each brings me about 70 to 80 IP per day, a total of about $more than and 400. I am now a Baidu included 3000 essay nets, the IP only a day to 70, but then thought that IP is too small, not worth doing. My advertising is a midnight movie, this probably belongs to the edge ball, but the click rate is high, 5, 6 IP one click, pop-up to vote, I put 2 back shells, anyway, there is no repeat, do not cast white cast it. At that time, did not expect to earn some money, but sometimes look at know keyword ranking, always top 2, later I will forget it, and that no decent.

about a year after that reminds me of my bad station, Baidu know the keywords have disappeared IP website every day Not the least trace was found., only 1 and 2 or so, however, I landed in advertising alliance backstage, but found the website advertising clicks has tens of thousands, with pop income of about 500 yuan. I have done 2 decent site Penny did not earn, but also lost a few hundred dollars, but this garbage station to help me earn a $500, is not God joke ah. Ha ha

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