China’s 7 owners worth looking forward to in 2009

China’s 7 owners worth looking forward to in 2009

1, Google Adsense

reduce the price, promotion, cancel to break the $seven not shake the GGAD status, although the Google from each advertising is divided into about 20%, but few people know that it does not deduct the amount is still a killer.

2, Baidu theme

there are signs that a lot of people in the recent acquisition of Baidu theme account, we can see that Baidu is doing better and better. The threshold is difficult to audit a high problem, but the industry and regular station station owners, Baidu is worth a try alliance.

3, Ali mother

is like the Taobao alliance, Ma also brought a surprise to the webmaster, since it has been put to cultivate the market, garbage station etc. they also hope what? 2009 advertisers put to keep up with coverage of the site.

4, 100 million

in addition to the Ali Mama, only ad trading platform, text link advertising is one of the highlights, the company has just won the million to two round of $10 million, is more powerful than the other minor league strength, 2009 should be a big action.

5, Asian dating

old friends association, for entertainment station, credit should be no problem, there are many NB webmaster recommended, although I do not know is to introduce is really so good, entertainment and pictures website is worth a try.



five years old alliance, there are more than 60 thousand owners to join, from the SP era has been standing up to now, characterized by timely payment, settlement every week. Yiqifa CPS is the first in the country, it is the 360 circle of almost all the non mainstream webmaster.

7, feedsky

is suitable for the blog site advertising alliance, is not big, but word-of-mouth marketing is the future trend, want to jump out from the Red Sea in the webmaster can try, often as real income or prizes, such as shirts, notebook what.